Membership allows access to the resort during all open business days throughout the year including the days of 1 Nudestock night fees or accommodations are not included with membership even during Nudestock. Some special events during the year may have an additional fee for access to the clubhouse which would be to cover meals and or giveaways on those dates so anyone planning to party with us in the clubhouse will have additional fees for admittance to the clubhouse only. We have a card access system to expedite entry for members in good standing that follow the rules. Cards may be disabled due to delinquent payments or violating our rules and include infractions such as tailgating through the gate without swiping your card. This is a convenient way to access the resort for our members so please respect the rules and keep your card active to prevent delays in entering the resort. One card is provided to each new member. Replacement cards are $5 each and additional cards require a $5 deposit which will be returned when the card is returned in useable state. Membership begins the day of sign-up and is valid for 365 days except memberships initiated near Nudestock may be a few days less to avoid 2 Nudestocks being covered under one annual membership.

Couple or Single Male with date pass



Single Female

$300 or $550 with date pass

Memberships cover day fees (Not overnight fees) for the year and include  admission to Nudestock

AANR membership is offered to members at a discount price of $75 through the club for a couple or $45 for a single. (AANR membership is available for non-club members for $85 / couple or $50 / single)