AANR membership is required and while it does not have to be purchased through Cedar Creek Resort, it is offered at a discount price of $75 through the club for a couple or $45 for a single. (AANR membership is available for non-club members for $85 / couple or $50 / single)  Membership begins the day of sign-up and is valid for 365 days.

Couple or Single Male with date pass



Single Female

$300 or $550 with date pass

Memberships cover day fees for the year and include  admission to Nudestock.

  • Members can purchase propane from our on site propane pump. Prices vary on tank size. $30 for 30 lb.
  • Members can use the on site dumpster for only $10 a month for trash generated at their residence.
  • Members do not have to call ahead and are issued a card to open the entry gate
  • Members can store campers in the transient RV area for $5 or $8 a day depending on if electric is plugged in (AC and  heat must be off).
  • Single memberships include complimentary date passes. (Guests must still register at the office prior to entering front gate.)